Agfa Anapurna M2050i LED

Productivity is key for the Anapurna M2050i LED. Incorporating the latest generation of print heads with double the amount of print nozzles, it offers a high throughput as well as high quality. Its new electromechanical redesign has made it even more robust, fit for sustained higher workloads. It prints 205 cm wide and reaches print speeds of up to 90 m˛/h. In six colors – and white.

The machine’s perfectly matched hardware, print head, ink and software components constantly work together to ensure premium print quality and enhanced productivity. Regardless of whether you are printing on paper, wood, or even ceramics.

The hybrid printer uses UV-inks that have a wide color gamut, adhere well on difficult substrates and dry fast. You’ll see your time to market shrink. Your company and the Anapurna M2050i LED: the perfect match, don’t you think?