Mutoh ValueJet 1924W

Printer type: dye sublimation
Applications: transfer sublimation, textiles, soft signage, sportswear, home decor
Width: 72”/1910mm

This excellent entry-level dye sublimation printer will deliver your daily sublimation needs with speed and panache. Mutoh’s award-winning print technologies result in printers that have no need to sacrifice quality when printing at high speeds, and that can print directly onto fabric, as well as onto easily-available transfer paper weights – from 66 gsm to 150 gsm. And with Mutoh’s water-based dye sub inks, there are no VOCs and no unpleasant odours – making your printing environmentally friendly and safe for your operators. The ValueJet 1924W opens the door on a wide range of new opportunities – from soft signage and exhibition décor, to in-store textiles, home décor, sportswear and sporting goods, apparel, flags and banners and even promotional goods and gadgets.

Key benefits
• 1910mm wide single head, water-based inkjet printing
• Sellable production speeds of up to 29 m2 per hour, top speed 56.2 m2 per hour
• Entry-level choice for starting out in soft signage
• Simple to navigate and control with easy daily maintenance
• Dye sublimation and direct printing
• Mutoh water-based pigment ink or water-based dye sub ink
• Automatic sheet off function
• Excellent operator safety features