Mutoh ValueJet 1938WX

Printer type: dye sublimation
Applications: transfer sublimation, textiles, soft signage, sportswear, home decor
Width: 72”/1910mm

Offering an ideal combination of high-speed production and excellent print quality, the Mutoh ValueJet 1938WX is the printer of choice for operators facing high demand. It delivers at speeds ranging from 14 to 73 m2 per hour and can print either directly onto polyester-based fabric or onto a wide range of dye sublimation transfer papers. Utilising Mutoh’s advanced printing technologies, the 1938WX delivers high resolution prints with better image definition, even when printing at top speed. You can count on it for excellent print quality, reliable performance and a low cost per print – and it will open up a vast range of new opportunities, from soft signage and apparel to home dιcor and promotional items.

Key benefits
• Excellent print quality at high speeds
• Unrivalled detail and definition thanks to Mutoh printing technology
• Unbeatable cost per print
• Staggered dual printheads – latest generation 1440 nozzle piezo heads
• Production speeds from 14 to 73 m2 per hour
• Environmentally-friendly water-based inks
• Print direct to fabric or onto dye sub transfer paper
• Wide range of print modes and speeds
• Intelligent Interweaving print technology eliminates horizontal banding, step mismatch banding and errors due to missing/misfired nozzles
• Predictable and repeatable output quality